About Us

About Us

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a nonprofit Florida corporation dedicated to improving the built environment. Our mission is "to provide a statewide green building program that defines, promotes, and encourages sustainable efforts with environmental and economic benefits."

FGBC was conceived and founded in the belief that green building programs will be most successful if there are clear and meaningful principles on which "green" qualification and marketing are based. We are a membership-based organization governed by a Board of Directors and corporate officers who are elected by the general membership.

Membership is open to any interested individual, company or government entity. You are encouraged to join the FGBC and participate fully in this exciting and important environmental endeavor.

Resources provided by FGBC include our five Green Building Standards, the annual GreenTrends Conference, directories for finding green products and professionals, listings of FGBC certified projects, and education programs for industry professionals, consumers and government entities.

What Our Members Are Saying

I continue to be impressed with the professional nature of this organization and the unwavering belief of members in the mission of the organization. For an organization of its age, FGBC takes bold strides to meet the demands of Florida’s building environment in a less than desirable economy. Program criteria evolve to meet the realistic achievable goals of sustainable building practices in Florida. I look forward to continuing in my role with FGBC and anticipate nothing but success for the organization.  -  Deirdre Irwin, Florida Water Star Coordinator, St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka, FL

The other day, someone asked me why I was a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition. My first response was because I wanted to be part of an organization that promoted sustainable green building programs that were both affordable and climate specific to the state of Florida. Of all the green building programs available, FGBC has made the most sense to me. Then I started thinking a little bit more deeply on it because you really do not need to be a member to support and encourage the FGBC programs. The answer I came up with was because of the people.In the past 7 years that I have been a member, I have gotten to know some amazing people who are not only colleagues but also people who I consider friends. Their passion for FGBC and green building is inspiring, to say the least. I have made professional connections that I would not have made otherwise and I have learned about the unselfish commitment that many of our members make to further the mission of FGBC. So, why am I am member? It is because I want to do my small part in helping to promote the goals of FGBC and to educate those I come into contact with about a program that makes the most sense for anyone building in the state of Florida. Oh yeah, the friendships are a big plus too! – Cindy Hall, Cobble Systems, LLC, Jensen Beach, FL

My business is involved in sustainability consulting for both residential and commercial construction. A majority of our work is with the different FGBC rating systems due to the simplicity, affordability and being tailored to the Florida environment. That’s not to say the other standards don’t have their place, I’ve worked with them for years, it’s just often more practical to use the FGBC’s rating system. Am I required to maintain my membership to keep my Certifying Agent Status? Yes. However, that requirement is not the reason I am a member. This is an organization that can bring about a lot of needed change to our state and the quality of life for its residents. I have been involved for over 12 years in sustainability and I believe my voice can be heard at the FGBC. I enjoy meeting others with similar goals and giving my input on the various committees. Nate Ritter, GreenBuilt Solutions LLC, Sanford, FL

The Florida specific certification program is concerned with our climate and is relatively simple and affordable. – Oscar Calleja, Florida Energy Raters, Pompano Beach, FL

Builder friendly, easy to use, affordable and Florida specific. – Eric Gimson, Two Trails, Inc., Sarasota, FL

Seems to be organized. – Jane Gering, City of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

I like what FGBC stands for and represents. FGBC is a growing/changing entity that adapts to a changing Florida. – Gary Carmack, All Elements Mechanical Corp., Orlando, FL

Friendly members. Florida specific. – Ken Sussman, Tampa, FL

The FGBC provides an environment for people with like-minded goals to come together. – Heather Bonner, AIRVAC, Inc., Oldsmar, FL

I like the fact that FGBC continues to update and upgrade the certification process, and its efforts to make Green Building concepts available to the public. – David Cobb, Residential Building Science, Inc., Cape Coral, FL

FGBC provides a wealth of information. – Cynthia McRee, Duke Energy, New Port Richey, FL

I like that FGBC promotes sustainable climate specific practices in a non-political manner. It also segways with Florida Friendly Landscape, WaterStar, and Fortified Home. Plus it works and has a standard for existing homes that is now the current market. – Dale Lewis, Sarasota, FL

FGBC has provided us with ‘Florida Specific Criteria’ that I feel brings value to the organization. Simply adopting another standard would not be of value due to our unique environment. – Mark Smith, Harwick Homes, Bonita Springs, FL

Energy efficiency standards that are developed for our weather. Easy to understand the requirements. – Richard Van Epps, Hillsborough County Planning & Growth Management, Valrico, FL

The GreenTrends conference provides a great networking opportunity. I received some excellent referrals for Florida WaterStar. – Robin Grantham, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksville, FL

FGBC brings like-minded people and businesses together to network, learn & promote their ideas. – Camille Touma, Green Energy Builders & Solutions, Ponte Vedra, FL

The members are/seem genuinely interested in the same issues I am. Member interaction (while limited to one face to face meeting a year) is what I enjoy most. – Stephanie Thomas-Rees, Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL

FGBC was helpful to me in providing the guideline to design and construct green certified building in the city of Sarasota. - Yehuda Inbar, Inbar Design Architect, Sarasota, FL

The networking and collaboration with members. Affiliation with a validating organization with State and National recognition. – John Bobek, Collis Roofing, Inc., Longwood, FL

FGBC offers exceptional education experiences, involvement in the continued refinement of a state specific green certification standard, and the opportunity to interact with top professionals of the field. – Jane Bixler Conn, ES Green & Company, LLC, Tallahassee, FL

I am proud to be a member of FGBC. It is great to be associated with so many people who care so deeply about a mission to improve the quality of life of all Floridians. – Michael Sollitto, Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Inc., Venice, FL

FGBC is a useful tool for Florida specific guidelines. – Anonymous

I like its commitment to improvement and its being tailored to the State of Florida. – Anonymous

Great program for Florida that is easier to promote over LEED. – Anonymous