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Brilliant Harvest, LLC
Category: Solar Hot Water, Pool Heating & PV Installations
Brilliant Harvest is a full service solar contractor based in Sarasota, FL. Whether you want to install a solar hot water system for your home, or a large solar thermal or solar photovoltaic system for your business, Brilliant Harvest can help. We offer and coordinate the following services for property owners and businesses looking to capitalize on the solar resource available to them.

  • Project Analysis: Technical, financial, and legal feasibility
  • Financial Analysis: Scenario modeling, value engineering
  • Engineering: Civil, mechanical, electrical
  • Construction Quality: Management, materials, skills, safety
  • Commissioning and Startup: Testing, baseline analysis
  • System Operation and Monitoring: Long-term relationships
Goodwin Heart Pine Company
Reclaimed and Sustainably Harvested Wood Products
Micanopy, FL
PH: 800-336-3118 
Reclaimed wood flooring

Greenovative Design & Engineering
PH: 863-533-9007

GreenStar Panels is an innovative product whose purpose is to save money month after month for its homeowners.  It is unlikely that energy costs will go down in the future and very likely that they will rise. GreenStar Panels have successfully engineered an insulation system that is proven to fight the three forms of heat transfer into the attic space.  The expanded polystyrene combats the conduction of heat, the air channel created between the roof deck and the upper face of the panel creates a convection channel to carry the heat away, and the foil face combats the transfer of heat via radiation.  Once the product is installed, it works during the lifespan of the home and requires little or no maintenance.


Panasonic Eco Products
Energy-Efficient Bath Fans

Panasonic WhisperGreen Select
Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of WhisperGreen Select™, the all-purpose, customizable IAQ solution for virtually any application. Whisper Green Select™ is a groundbreaking IAQ solution that is revolutionizing the vent fan industry with a unique set of features that enable customization and easier installation.  As with all WhisperGreen™ line of fans, WhisperGreen Select™ provides unequalled installed performance and quietest operation at .25” w.g. static pressure.

To the builder and professional installer, Panasonic continues to be the innovation leader with high performance ventilation solutions that are built to last.  WhisperGreen Select’s™ unique design and superior energy efficiency are achieved through engineering expertise, provided by a company who sets the standard for quality and value. 

Key Features;

  • Customizable, all-in-one fan and fan/LED light combinations
  • Pick-A-Flow speed selector - one fan, you choose the CFM
  • Unique Plug ‘N Play modules provide up to three value added features
  • Revolutionary DC motor with SmartFlow™ technology ensures optimal CFM output
  • Two replaceable, 7W ESTAR rated, GU24 base LED lamps provide warm, energy efficient illumination
  • Can be used to comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, Cal-Green and ENERGY STAR for Homes 3.0
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 
SemaConnect, Inc. is one of the largest developers and producers of smart networked Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations and cloud-based station owner management systems in North America. Our electric vehicle charging stations are Level II (240V, 30Amps) and come in a variety of mounting options to suit your commercial application.  Our charging stations have an optional Cable Management System that provides an effortless charging experience for electric vehicle drivers to recharge. In addition, SemaConnect boasts the most options for EV drivers to start a charging session including, using an RFID card, Pay with PlugShare app, SemaConnect App, Call 1-800-663-5633 and by QR code.

Tamarack Technologies
Ventilation & Air Pressure Relief Products
PH: (800) 222-5932

The "Ghost" Whole House Fan

  • Exceeds California Energy Commission Requirements
  • Cash Rebates Offered Through the Local Power Company
  • R-50 Insulated Doors that Seal When Not In Use
  • Passes a Blower Door Test
  • Hand Held Radio Frequency Remote Control and Ceiling Grille
  • 2-Speed: 1,900 CFM on low and 3,400 CFM on High Speed
  • 55 Decibels Low Speed 65 Decibels High Speed
  • Easy Installation – No Joist Cutting Required
  • Plugs-In for Power / Made in USA

Tamlite Lighting
Efficient Lighting Products

Tamlite Lighting is more than just another lighting supplier; we are an American manufacturing company on a mission to create jobs, enrich our communities, and produce the highest quality products on the market. With nearly 50 years of lighting experience throughout the history of the company and over 20 in America alone, Tamlite has a well-established repertoire in providing an extensive line of lighting products, including the latest LED technologies. Every year we are building on our existing capabilities to provide our customer with flexible solutions to meet their exact needs. Allow us the opportunity to be part of your business and let’s grow together. Products range from recessed lighting, commercial, indoor, outdoor, residential, and emergency and fire.  Please visit our website at which has product information, cut sheets and much more.


Textured Coatings of America
High Performance Architectural Coatings
Contact: Dick Barnes
PH: 954-581-0771

TEX-COTE®’s COOLWALL® infrared heat-reflective vertical wall coating system can provide surface temperatures reduction of up to 40 degrees, providing enhance durability and superior fade resistance.


Titan Florida
Titan Florida operations include cement plants, ready-mix concrete plants, concrete block plants, quarries, import and rail terminals and fly ash production facilities.

Titan Florida can provide a variety of colored concrete mixes. Coloring is added to the mix during the batching process. This ensures that the color is more uniform throughout the concrete and will not "wear off" as is the case with some other surface treatment processes. Many colors are available that enhance the beauty of surrounding landscaping and structures. [More]

Storm water runoff is the single largest contributing pollutant to many waterways. Envira Concrete, developed by Titan Florida, is the best solution we have today. When rain hits its pervious porous surface, it seeps directly into the earth which naturally filters harmful pollutants and prevents them from flowing into bodies of water. Developers and contractors are also concerned about cost. By avoiding the need for expensive drainage systems and land-consuming retention ponds, Envira Concrete actually saves money. The fact that it takes much less time to place is still another advantage.

Envira Concrete is a combination of course aggregate, portland cement and water. When properly placed, it absorbs storm water and can dramatically reduce pollution of rivers and streams. Envira Concrete is an ideal surface for parking lots, roadways, sidewalks and residential subdivision streets.  Envira Concrete needs no special treatment when it is placed on a subgrade of sandy soil with good drainage. Impervious subbases, such as clay must have a permeable layer at least six inches thick installed between it and the pavement. Because Envira Concrete contains little mix water, the subgrade or subbase must be moist before concrete placement.  Pervious concrete has been extensively tested for strength and durability and is today performing well on parking lots, streets and driveways in many states. Freeze/thaw studies have also demonstrated its viability in colder climates. [More]

Optima’s increased mobility and flowability allow Optima to stream around corners on its own. Optima completely encapsulates rebar without assistance and no vibration is necessary to aid the flow of the mix. This eliminates the need for crew members and equipment dedicated to vibration thereby increasing safety and decreasing overall cost of the job. In addition, Optima’s ability to completely fill the form without repositioning the truck is a key benefit, especially when a job involves tightly congested formwork. You save time and eliminate hassles. Optima is completely placed into the wall form in just two minutes – compared to a seventeen minute placement time for traditional concrete. Very few splatters and overflows are deposited outside the form, which reduces waste and leaves only minimal hand leveling to the crew members. [More]


The PaveDrain System combines modern day functionality and a structural concept used for centuries to create the revolutionary permeable paving solution. PaveDrain incorporates a patented arch design in the middle of an articulating concrete block to create an internal storage chamber that can be filled with stormwater runoff, while simultaneously providing strength for heavy vehicular loads. The PaveDrain System is designed to be a critical component of Low Impact Development (LID) allowing for the infiltration of stormwater runoff.  The PaveDrain System is an aesthetically pleasing Permeable Articulating Concrete Block/ Matt (P-ACB/M) that provides installation ease and flexibility to meet current and future stormwater management regulations. The PaveDrain System provides infiltration, storage, detention, conveyance, and a paving surface all in one.  When combined, these features allow for a reduction or elimination in stormwater infrastructure costs while minimizing environmental impact.  The PaveDrain System works.


Zollan LED Lighting
The new Zollan LED Bulb Troffer, is an innovative and ideal choice for commercial offices, schools, hospitals, educational facilities, hospitality industries, retail, and many other settings. As it is one of the most decorative and conventional way of enhancing your ceiling or the existing florescent lighting, the Zollan LED Bulb Troffer replaces ceiling tubes with the most widely-available and versatile medium-base lamps in the world. Unlike other LED troffers which must be replaced at the end of their usage, the Zollan LED Bulb Troffer is a permanent fixture which only requires a bulb replacement.