Green Building Incentives

There are many incentives out there for energy efficiency and renewable energy. The two main types are rebates and tax credits. A rebate is money you get back while a tax credit is a reduction in the taxes you will owe. A great list of the incentives available in your area can be found at

To find out what incentives are available in your area, contact your state energy office, your local utility and your local building department. Product manufacturers periodically offer discount and rebate programs so search their sites also.

Energy-Efficient Products
Ten years ago, shopping for home upgrades involved looking at a product’s functionality and aesthetics. Now, there's a third consideration: energy efficiency. Today, the products most touted by manufacturers and retailers are those that are Energy Star-certified and those that meet new federal environmental standards.

Most of these appliances and other products come with higher price tags than their counterparts but help lower heating and cooling bills. In addition, the government is offering a federal tax credit of up to $1,500 on energy-efficient home upgrades. Many of the tax breaks -- including those on eligible insulation, roofs and windows and doors -- are set to expire at the end of this year. But others run through Dec. 31, 2016.

Below are links to websites that offer information on incentives:

Federal Resources
Database of State Incentives 
DOE Energy Savers Rebates, Incentives, Financing 
Energy Star Rebates (by zip code)
Energy Star Tax Credits 
EPA Energy Efficiency & Solar Incentives 
Geothermal Exchange Incentives

Florida Resources 
Duke Energy Incentives
Durability & Disaster Mitigation Incentives 
Florida DEP Renewable Energy Incentives 
Florida DEP Solar Energy Incentives 
Florida Energy Initiatives 
Florida Power & Light Incentives 
Orlando Utilities Company 
Small Business Administration Loans for Energy Related Businesses 
Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF)
Tax Incentives Assistance Projects (TIAP) Updates

Insurance Premium Incentives (for Homeowners) 
Citizens Insurance Windstorm Mitigation Premium Discounts 
Florida Windstorm Insurance Incentives 
Sunshine State Insurance Incentives

The following municipalities and utilities have incentives:

Reduced Permitting Fees
Expedited plans review at no charge
15% reduction of water/sewer impact fees if residential structures are Water Star compliant

Green Building Ordinance - FGBC or LEED Certification for public buildings
Fast-Track Permitting & Land Development Review
Reduced Permitting Fees

Carries a priority permitting program
Has an expedited review incentive
Offers marketing materials/publicity
Offers reduced building permit fees/plan review fees as incentives

InvestSmart Business Energy Upgrades
Energy-Efficient Mortgages & Car Loans - Ask for "Green Advantage"
JEA Product Rebates
JEA Solar Incentives
GreenBuilt Home Rebate
Green Home Certification Incentive

Kissimmee Electric Authority Rebates
* Duct Leak Repair - $75
* HVAC (Central) Maintenance - $75
* Insulation - Up to $100
* LED Exit Signs (Businesses) - $ Up to $50
* CFLs - $ Up to $15
View the list of rebate guidelines

Miami-Dade County
Has an expedited review incentive 

North Port
Green Building Ordinance - Requires FGBC Certification for new public buildings

Pompano Beach
Reduced building permit fee
Expedited permits for green buildings
Pompano is revising its Chapter 152 Buildings and Chapter 155 Zoning ordinances to include sustainable points for projects seeking/obtaining green certification

Go Green Tallahassee
Energy Star Appliance Rebates
Energy Star Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Rebates
Natural Gas Appliance Rebates
Solar Water Heater Rebates
Solar Net Metering Program
Ceiling Insulation Rebates

Advantage Title Group
$500 discount on closing costs for any new certified green home
Contact: Becky McNeal

Tampa Electric Energy Incentives

Irvine, CA

ENERGY STAR Qualified Refrigerator Rebate Program - Receive $50 back
Refrigerator & Freezer Recycling Program - Receive $50 back
Energy Efficient Electric Water Heater Rebate Program - Receive $30 back

Heating and Cooling
ENERGY STAR Qualified Room Air Conditioner - Receive up to $50 back
Summer Discount Plan - Receive up to $200 back
Whole House Fan - Receive up to $50 back
Evaporative Cooling - Receive up to $600 back
Cool Roof - Receive up to $0.20 per square foot on qualified roofing materials

ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting - Save up to $125.
Lighting Emitting Diode - Save up to $6 per month.

Pool Maintenance
Pool Pump Rebate Program - Receive up to $200 back.

Renewable Energy
California Solar Initiative

Retailer Rebate Programs
Home Depot Rebates Program
Lowes Rebates Program