Florida Green Building Coalition Announces Changes to Membership Categories

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is pleased to announce the redefinition of names for membership categories. These new names, approved by the FGBC Board of Directors, better reflect the industries and professionals that FGBC represents.

Full Membership: Large, medium and small companies, city, county, state and federal government agencies, including state universities and colleges; non-profit organizations; individuals who may not be an employee of a full membership member and affiliates, who must be employed by a full membership member. FGBC Certifiying Agents and Designated Green Professionals are full members.

Limited Membership: Professionals who may not fall under another category including real estate professionals; Academics, teachers and professors, including retirees and full time students. And FGBC Friends, those individuals or groups who believe in the higher standards of resilient and sustainable building principles that FGBC represents and wish to support its' mission.

New Membership Application

FGBC is proud of its nearly 20-year history of offering members a continuing opportunity to become more knowledgeable in their profession through meaningful communication, the exchange of ideas with other members, and the many services provided exclusively to our members.

"FGBC is a unique organization in that we have two membership categories which complement each other. Each member offers a different perspective of synergistic insights that enable other category members to improve their skillsets in the green building and certification industry. This reclassification is a more reflective description of each category of membership," said Barry Faske, FGBC President.

FGBC Membership Categories & Benefits

Full Membership Categories

  • Large Business: 50 or more employees
  • Medium Business: 16 to 49 employees
  • Small Business: 1 to 15 employees
  • Government Agency: City, County, State, & Federal Government Agencies, including State Universities and
  • Non-Profit Organization: For organizations that have Not-for-Profit status under IRS regulations
  • Individual: Individual member who may not be an employee of a business, government or non-profit entity member
  • Affiliate: Employee of a “Full Membership Category” member

Benefits for Full Membership Categories

  • Listing in the FGBC Membership Directory
  • Ability to post content on the Green website
  • Listing on the FGBC website, including a link to your company website
  • Listing in the FGBC online searchable database for professional services
  • Permission to use the FGBC logo and the statement “Member of the Florida Green Building Coalition” on your business stationary, publications and advertising materials – as set forth in accordance with the “FGBC Logo Usage Guidelines”
  • Complimentary subscription to the FGBC GreenTrends electronic newsletter
  • Member discounts for FGBC sponsored events, including the Annual conference and reduced fees for FGBC
  • Green certifications
  • Eligible to vote on FGBC general membership policies, including election of FGBC leadership
  • A professionally designed downloadable FGBC Membership Certificate
  • Able to be appointed to the FGBC Board of Directors
  • Able to run for Senior Officer positions once requirements are met
  • FGBC lapel pin
  • One FGBC bumper sticker

Limited Membership Categories

  • Professionals: Green professionals who may not fall under another category, i.e. Real Estate, Appraiser, etc.
  • Academic: Teachers, Professors, Academic Retirees and full-time students
  • FGBC Friends: Those individuals or groups who believe in the higher standards of resilient and sustainable building principles of the Florida Green Building Coalition and wish to support its mission

Benefits for Limited Membership Categories

  • Listing in the FGBC Membership Directory
  • The FGBC GreenTrends electronic newsletter, updates and special notices free of charge
  • Member discounts for FGBC-sponsored events, including the annual GreenTrends conference
  • One FGBC bumper sticker
  • Eligible to join FGBC Committees and provide input on topics but does not include voting rights

FGBC Committee Sign Up Information

Committees are the lifeblood of a successful organization. Their members do the real work of the organization and they are indispensable to an organization's success. We encourage every member to take an active part in at least one committee. Remember that you only get out what you put into an organization and our strength depends on your involvement.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete the “FGBC Committee Sign-up Portion on the Membership Application”.

FGBC has two categories of Committees: Standing Committees, which are established by the Bylaws; and Working Committees, which operate under a Standing committee and are established by the Board of Directors to accomplish specific tasks.

Education Committee: Responsible for developing educational materials and programs that can be promoted to members, industry and the public.

Nominating: Oversees the FGBC election processes.

Program & Promotion: Responsible for membership development, communication strategies, website maintenance and the marketing of the organization’s programs

Legislative: Responsible for monitoring, communicating and advocating on legislative issues of interest to FGBC.

Realty, Appraisers, Builders Outreach: Responsible for developing programs to increase awareness of the importance of Builders, Realtors and Appraisers in understanding the added value of high- performance systems for residential and commercial projects during the marketing, sales and appraisal stages of a transaction.

Standards: Responsible for the oversight of the standards development process, compliance with the Standards policies, and the annual review of modifications to the Standards such that the Standards remain competitive, technically accurate and incorporate best management practices. Oversees the following working committees.

  • Green Homes
  • Green Commercial Buildings
  • Green Developments
  • Green Local Government (cities and counties)
  • Green High Rise Residential

FGBC Membership Has Its Privileges

FGBC is a volunteer-driven organization with statewide representation. Thus, members are key to our success. Volunteering with FGBC is an excellent opportunity for you to make a difference in the future of your community and the State of Florida. By being a part of the solution to all the challenges that face our environment, you leave a lasting impact for future generations. You can make a difference, so get involved!

When you join the Florida Green Building Coalition, you receive these and other benefits:

  • Information to keep you up-to-date on current trends, practices and tools vital to the industry and a sustainable Florida
  • Access to educational conferences and seminars to help enhance your professionalism and advance your career
  • Networking opportunities for sharing your ideas and learning from others
  • The opportunity to join FGBC committees and contribute to the development of our Standards and policies.
  • Discounts on certification fees and FGBC events

FGBC members include builders, developers, architects, land planners, Realtors, landscape architects, product manufacturers, energy raters, ecologists, educators, university staff, and government agencies.

Get involved. The opportunities are tremendous!

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What Value Does FGBC Membership Provide to You?

  • Education and marketing opportunities. - Oscar Calleja
  • Access to information and education. - Eric Gimson
  • Updates & knowledge of helping us stay informed or the knowledge we need to do our job. - Jane Gering
  • Knowledge. Keeps me up to date on current green trends. - Gary Carmack
  • Professional credentials. - Ken Sussman
  • Credibility. - Heather Bonner
  • The membership provides me with a Florida specific green building path for residential construction. - David Cobb
  • Information to share with the building community. - Cynthia McRee
  • Education, economic opportunity, and professional networking. - Dale Lewis
  • Shows potential clients we are up to speed on current building trends and standards. - Mark Smith
  • Information on the latest green. - Richard Van Epps
  • Education. - Anonymous
  • The ability to register homes for certification. - Anonymous
  • It provides me with credibility. - Anonymous
  • Demonstrates that I care about future generations. - Anonymous
  • Networking and learning. Great way to promote Florida WaterStar to my target audience. - Robin Grantham
  • Education, marketing and a ‘heads up’ on current news within our field. A designation that people trust. - Camille Touma
  • Networking opportunity to create partnership opportunities. - Stephanie Thomas-Rees
  • Having a group of building professionals that I can contact for information regarding products and methods. - John Bobek
  • Education, networking, branding, exposure. - Jane Bixler Conn
  • Access to green building technology products and professionals. Great resources for my customers on green building. - Cindy Hall
  • Education, networking and of course - dollars. I am a Certifying Agent. Nothing to retire with - but the knowledge is a valuable resource I bring to my day Job!
    Michael Sollitto