Board of Directors

Responsibilities of the Board

The Florida Green Building Coalition Board of Directors is the governing authority of FGBC, and it is responsible for supervision, control and direction of the affairs of FGBC, its standards and certification programs, its committees, and its publications. It determines the general policies of FGBC, actively promotes the organization's goals and objectives, and supervises its finances.

The Board is comprised of 25 Directors, elected to serve three-year terms. No more than two Directors shall be employed by the same organization. Eight directors, one representing each affiliation and one at-large director, are elected annually. Nominations for Directors are accepted 75 days prior to the FGBC Annual General Membership meeting held in conjunction with the FGBC GreenTrends Conference and Trade Show. Contact us for more information.

Board members must serve within the affiliation category where they derive the majority of their income, except for those who run under the "At-Large" category. FGBC seeks nominees in each category. The categories are:
At Large: Anyone with a personal or professional interest in green building (Defined by Bylaws)
Academic & Research: Schools, Colleges, Universities; Research organizations; Educators (e.g. teachers, science museum personnel)
Design & Analysis: architects, energy raters, engineers, FGBC Certifying Agents, interior designers, landscape architects, LEED certifiers, private planners; consultants
Development & Construction: builders, developers, subcontractors
Governmental: Local, state or federal agency or its employees; County extension agents; Municipality utility representatives
Products: Distributors, manufacturers and manufacturer associations, Retailers; Recyclers and waste reduction specialists; Utility representatives
Real Estate, Finance & Property Services: bankers, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, Realtors, energy managers, home inspectors, insurance representatives, warranty services, and maintenance services
Public Advocate: environmental groups, full-time students, media specialists, private citizens not otherwise employed

FGBC Board of Directors

Senior Officers

President - Kyle Abney
President Elect - Bill Kachman
Immeditate Past President - Ralph Locke
Treasurer - Mary Tappouni

Board Members by Category

Academic & Research

Vacant                           Term Expires: 2023

Vacant                           Term Expires: 2024


Jane Conn                    Term Expires: 2023
E S Green & Co, LLC
1173 Benjamin Chaires Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32317
PH: 850-933-0188

Ralph Locke                 Term Expires: 2024
Environmental Construction & Consulting, Inc
31411 Hill Drive
Deland, FL 32720
PH: 386-490-4599

Design & Analysis

Kyle Abney                   Term Expires: 2024
PO Box 919
Palm City, FL 34991
PH: 863-634-1045

Vacant                            Term Expires: 2024

Development & Construction

Arturo Griego                Term Expires: 2024
975 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 401
Miami Beach, FL 33140
PH: 305-763-8471

Mary Tappouni             Term Expires: 2023
Breaking Ground Contracting
4218 Highway Avenue
Jacksonville, FL  32254
PH: 904-388-1350

Ronald Carpenter          Term Expires: 2024
Carpenter Homes LLC
1302 East 2nd Street, Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33605
PH: 813-565-7010

FHBA Partnership

Larisa Kuleshova          Term Expires: 2022
City of Tallahassee
2602 Jackson Bluff Road
Tallahassee, FL 32304
PH: 850-891-2380


Jim Barnes                    Term Expires: 2022
Village of Wellington
12300 Forest Hill Blvd
Wellington, FL  33414
PH: 561-753-2504

Deirdre Irwin                 Term Expires: 2023
St. Johns River Water Management District
PO Box 1429
Palatka, FL 32177
PH: 386-546-8437

Vacant                Term Expires: 2024


Vacant                             Term Expires: 2022

Cindy Hall                      Term Expires: 2024
Eco Solutions Marketing
1069 NE Crescent Street
Jensen Beach, FL  34957
PH: 772-370-4713

Public Advocate

Mike Bonts                     Term Expires: 2023
MBPR Group
PO Box 380070
Jacksonville, FL  32205
PH: 904-424-6641

Mike Rogers                   Term Expires: 2024
Southern Advocacy Group
1341 Alshire Court South
Tallahassee, FL 32317
PH: 850-566-2560

Bill Kachman                  Term Expires: 2024
Environmental Construction & Consulting, Inc
31411 Hill Drive
Deland, FL  32720
PH: 321-206-8749

Real Estate, Finance & Property Services

Margaret Christ              Term Expires: 2024
Bee Green Realty, LLC
6835 69th St E
Bradenton, FL 34203
PH: 941-704-4569