Commercial Building Standard

Benefit Uncertified Certified
Increased Rents $2.40 /sf $11.33 /sf
Increased Occupancy Rates 3.6% 4.1%
Increased Resale Value $6.20 /sf $171 /sf
Lower Operating Costs for building owners - (Electricity)   $0.50 /sf lower
Source: Sustainable Research Journal 2009    
Benefits of Certified Commercial Buildings

FGBC Green Commercial Building Certification

The intent of the FGBC Green Commercial Building Standard is to encourage building owners to adopt green and sustainable strategies during the design and construction of their project and to receive recognition for their efforts. The Florida Green Commercial Building Standard covers all commercial occupancies listed in the Florida Building Code.

To use this Standard, the project design team reviews the Checklist along with the Reference Guide. The team determines which credit points will be pursued (or targeted). The owner authorizes one of the design team members to be the Designated Professional. The team's Designated Professional compiles the appropriate documentation for each achieved credit point as the design process evolves and serves as the communication contact with FGBC during the certification review process.

The certification process includes four steps:

  1. Initial registration of the project submitted with deposit to FGBC. An FGBC Project Evaluator is assigned as a technical resource for the project team.
  2. The team's Designated Professional, along with the project team, determine which credit points will be pursued (targeted).
  3. The Final Application (Checklist) with credit points indicated and supporting documentation are submitted to FGBC for review
  4. Review and certification of the project

Application Process

Once all documentation has been collected, organized, and reviewed, by the project team, the Designated Professional completes the Final Application information form and checklist, attaches all supporting letters and documentation, and submits it (with a check for the appropriate fee) to FGBC.  The assigned Project Evaluator will review the complete package to determine applicability of credit points claimed. In the event that the Project Evaluator finds the submittal not in compliance with the Standard, the team's Designated Professional will be notified and informed of the specific deficiencies in the submittal. The Designated Professional will consult with the project team and then correct the deficiencies and submit the required revisions to the FGBC. If the second submittal fails to comply with the Standard, then the process for each subsequent re-submittal is repeated with the additional requirement of payment of a re-submittal fee equal to 20% of the original fee (this fee is paid for each subsequent re-submittal).

When the project achieves the required score for certification, the FGBC issues a certificate that is delivered to the Designated Professional for use by the owner. The project is listed on the FGBC website as a certified Florida Green Commercial Building. The FGBC will also issue a press release announcing the project certification and feature the project in Florida Green Building magazine.


Use the Modification Request Form to suggest changes to the FGBC Green Commercial Building Standard