Student Training

FGBC Certified Green Specialist Designation

What is FGBC Certified Green Building Specialist (FGBC CGBS)
This certification program provides students with an understanding and practical application of building science and green building principles. It includes an understanding of how the built environment impacts the occupants’ health & safety, communities, and Florida's natural resources, which is critical to our state's sustainability.

It supports the Enterprise Florida workforce training in emerging technologies and clean tech industries.

Designation Requirements:

    1. Students must be able to speak and understand the English language.
    2. Students should be concurrently enrolled in an educational program focusing on green building initiatives and sustainable design.

This program is available to all middle and high school students enrolled in the Florida education system. Participants are not required to have earned a high school diploma or have related work experience.

Students must complete the required classroom training and receive a passing grade of 80% or more on the written exam.

    Building Science Principles
     •  Heat Transfer
     •  Moisture Movement
     •  Airflow Pressure
     •  Climate-Specific Considerations
     •  Whole-House Approach
    Site Development and Design
•  Site Selection
     •  Site Design
    Building Envelope and Durability
     •  Foundations
     •  Thermal Envelope
     •  Durability
    Resource Efficiency
     •  Structural Envelope Strategies
     •  Resource Efficient Interior Finish Materials
     •  Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste
    Energy Efficiency
     •  Complying with Florida’s energy policy
     •  Complying with Green Building Certification Energy Requirements
     •  Space Heating and Cooling Systems
     •  Solar Heating and Cooling
     •  Air Distribution Systems
     •  Hot Water Distribution Systems
     •  Lighting
     •  Appliances
     •  Verifying Energy Performance of a Home
    Water Efficiency
     •  Regional Considerations for Water Efficiency
     •  Indoor Applications
     •  Landscaping & Irrigation Best Management Practices
    Indoor Air Quality
     •  Eliminate
     •  Separate
     •  Ventilate
     •  Filtrate
     •  Radon Reduction Techniques
    Remodeling Considerations
     •  Evaluate the Existing Structure
     •  Determine Local Climate Requirements
     •  Identify Local Legal, Social, and Resource Issues
     •  Consider the Scope of Renovations and the Client’s Priorities
    Effective Operation and Owner Education
     •  Owner Role
     •  Builder Role
    Marketing and Selling Green
     •  Assessing Company Readiness
     •  Analyzing the Market
     •  Selecting an Approach
     •  Implementing the Market Strategy
     •  Selling Green

Exams are given in conjunction with the classroom training and are administered by proctors who shall meet the requirements of and be approved by the local school boards.

A student may retake the exam one time within a six-month period.

Designation Application Requirements:
   1. Successfully complete the curriculum training
   2. Pass the exam
   3. Submit the official FGBC Certified Green Building Specialist Application Form
   4. Pay the designation application fee of $25, which entitles the student to an FGBC membership.

Renewal Requirements: None